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The Serving Leader Short Course

This short course takes you into the heart of the Five Actions of Serving LeadershipTM that has transformed the lives of leaders around the world. You’ll hear the founder of Center for Serving Leadership, Dr. John Stahl-Wert, explain each of the five actions in a short video.

A fillable PDF workbook is also provided for you to take notes and work through several exercises that will help you apply each of The Five Actions of Serving LeadershipTM into your leadership.  

Start strengthening your ability to:
1. Embed your values and build a culture of performance in your organization.
2. Provide effective delegation to your team.
3. Know your people, position them well, build strong teams.

4. Give your people a job worthy of their very best.
5. Sharpen your company’s focus around your greatest value creation.

Complete the online portions on your own time, then join the Serving Leader Community on Facebook to continue your learning experience with us!

What People Are Saying:

It gave me tools to make our businesses impactful. Not only did it give me tools, give my employees a sense of purpose and feel valued but it helped me to gain a sense of purpose and clarity of why we do what we do.

Ed Hoover

I’m personally grateful for John Stahl-Wert’s Serving Leader training. It has made a lasting, positive impact on ProVia, and many other leaders and businesses in our community.

Bill Mullet

Because of attending the Serving Leader cohort, I have learned to respect and cherish my God-given personality strengths. Prior to the course, I felt detached as if I were floating aimlessly in our family business. I saw how these unique giftings were the secret sauce to our family business. Thank you CSL team for helping me learn to love myself and have a purpose in the family business again.

Jaina Shirk

We have a values-driven reputation that allows us to attract and retain good people. They hear that it’s not all about the money here and they want to work in a place where the goal of building up our people and our team is as important as building a shed. I encourage everyone to make the commitment to join a cohort. Take the plunge. It is well worth it.

Daniel Miller

Serving Leadership trained our board, executive team, and senior managers and we’re carrying it out to the front line. It was a big commitment, but the results have made it so worthwhile.

Angeline Wee