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You want your organization to be more successful, but there’s a difference between planning for success and achieving it. Join Dr. John Stahl-Wert as he takes you through the 5 actions every leader needs to implement before they can reach their full potential. Join the next cohort today to deepen your calling to serving leadership with Dr. Stahl-Wert and a select group of senior colleagues.

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ACCELERATE YOUR GROWTH, Develop Your Potential.

Using a powerful and proven model based on John Stahl-Wert’s best-selling book, The Serving Leader, we provide practical, hands-on training solutions and resources to equip leaders to solve real-world challenges.

“Do as I do” should be the mantra of every serving leader. A leader’s credibility weighs in the balance and they will either gain the deep respect of those whom they serve, or they will be discarded as hypocrites in the minds of their workers, “bosses with no integrity, no honor.”

The most powerful leaders in the world are those whom are viewed as authentic and credible. Leaders must insure that the message they intend to give is the message that others actually receive. No amount of communication will close a “say-do gap,” the loss of trust experienced by a worker who witnesses a boss not doing what they say the will do. This causes fundamental mistrust of leadership and restoring that trust is the key to an empowered workforce.

Trust is a real verifiable resource and being trustworthy can be learned and mastered. It is a matter of exercising greater character and greater discipline. One of those disciplines is for leaders to be guided by purpose. A deep sense of purpose creates fertile soil for innovation, especially when faced with challenges. Team members will work hard when inspired by leader fueled by purpose.

EMPOWER YOUR PEOPLE, Build On Strengths and Core Values.

Effective leaders develop practices that build on the strengths of their team and the values of their organization.

The majority of your employees are under-engaged. Research reveals that only 29% of your workforce shows up on the job with a personal commitment to do all they can to serve your enterprise. The other 71% are are not willing to risk more than what it takes to get by, and they feel reluctant to give more of themselves. Many become unmotivated as past efforts have gone unnoticed and unrewarded.

Breakthroughs in business are produced when your team members wake up in the morning with passion for their work and certainty that they can make an extraordinary difference today! That is the mindset of a worker who is fully engaged. As a leader, you can create a thriving culture in which men and women want to bring their whole selves to the job. It is a true blessing to be surrounded by inspired and motivated people. And there is no greater competitive advantage than a fully engaged workforce.

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